Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Scholarship contest: Create your own "Instructor for Day" video by June 14th

Do you have great ideas for how to engage students? Check out this scholarship contest from Cengage Learning, one of the textbook publishers.

Your Students Could Win One of Six Scholarships in the 2nd Annual Instructor for a Day Video Contest!
You know your most successful strategies for engaging your students. But what would a student from your class choose do to if he or she were "Instructor for a Day"?

Now, you can find out! Encourage your students to show their skills and creativity by entering Cengage Learning's 2015 "Instructor for a Day" college scholarship contest. If they submit a video, they may win one of six college scholarships!

Entry is easy (and fun): In a one- to two-minute video, students should show us what they would do to get their classmates engaged and involved in the learning process.

Find out more on our blog here.

Please share the news with your students by sending them this link: Here's how to enter.

Read the May edition of the Transfer Times

While we have come to the close of another wonderful academic year, we encourage you to take a minute to read about some great student success stories in the May edition of the Transfer Times. You can read about our two Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship winners, as well as achievements by our math team and literature students. There are also details about an exciting new biological research opportunity for students coming this fall in BIO111/112.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Let a Course Selection Guide help you navigate your AA/AS plan of study

The Arts, Sciences, and University Transfer Department has developed Course Selection Guides that provide students with the best information about course choices for their intended majors and transfer institutions. Each Course Selection Guide lists preferred first and second-year courses for area schools that offer specific majors. For example, students interested in a Nutrition major can find the preferred courses for that major at NCCU, NCSU, UNC-Chapel Hill, and UNCG.

View the Guides online at www.durhamtech.edu/asut/courseselectionguides.htm to choose the best courses for your future plans.

For additional assistance, students should ask their assigned faculty advisors or see Mary Marsha Cupitt in the ASUT Transfer Center, Phillips Building, room 303.

Spanish peer-tutoring sessions offered by Sigma Delta Mu and Amigos Unidos

Do you need some help prepping for your Spanish exams? Sigma Delta Mu Spanish honor society and Amigos Unidos Spanish club are offering two sessions of free peer tutoring:

Monday, April 27 2:00 p.m. in White 045
Friday, May 1 10:00 a.m. in Phillips 318

Students as well as a Spanish faculty member will be there to help answer your questions.

Read the April Transfer Times

Look at all the great things Durham Tech students are doing -- highlighted in this month's Transfer Times!

Click the link below to find out all of the exciting details.

Thanks as always to Liz Filipowski, Tracy Mancini, and Amanda Shurgin for putting this wonderful document together.

Spring 2015 Honors Program Presentations - Friday, May 1

The Arts, Sciences and University Transfer Department is pleased to announce the Spring 2015 Honors Presentations on Friday May 1. We hope you can come to one (or more!) of the following presentations to hear about the work done by these bright, dedicated, and hard-working students.

Friday, May 1, 9am - 10:30 am in Phillips Building, 325 (TLC)

Greys Florez (PSY 150 with Dr. Cain): Ms. Florez will research the process of learning mathematics from a psychological perspective, honing in on why learning math is harder than learning other subjects.

Christina Boyd (ENG 232 with Ms. DelVecchio): With a specific focus on Zora Neale Hurston's The Eatonville Anthology, Ms. Boyd will examine the backlash Hurston received by other prominent African-American writers during the Harlem Renaissance for her unique perspective on black identity.

Forrest Heath III (HIS 132 with Dr. DePalma): Mr. Heath will explore the circumstances that led to the rise of the great capitalist revolution in the closing years of the 19th century with a specific interest in the railroad, oil, steel, and financial industries.

Caleb Wagner (ENG 232 with Ms. DelVecchio): Working with F. Scott Fitzgerald's "Babylon Revisited," Mr. Wagner intends to use a psychological lens through which to argue that feelings of guilt and retribution undermine the emotional freedom of the main characters.

Friday, May 1, 11am - 1pm in Phillips Building, 325 (TLC)

Callistus Ndemo (MAT 285 with Dr. Memory): Mr. Callistus will explain his investigation into an SIR epidemiology model for the spread of Ebola and the role that mathematics plays in curbing this epidemic.

Greys Florez (MAT 285 with Dr. Memory): A Math Education student, Ms. Greys will show how her use of the construction of population models, calculation of rates of spontaneous mutation and selection coefficient has led her to efficiently teach the mathematical model of hybrid selection.

Andres Alcocer (CHM 151 with Dr. Matthews): Mr. Alcocer will share his exploration of precipitate reactions through the creation of unique lab experiments he designed in order to examine these chemical reactions.

WinniHope Mamboleo (HUM 110 with Ms. Dove): Through her research project, Ms. Mamboleo will demonstrate how new technological preferences in learning have resulted in a qualitative education that favors personalization, control, and individual choice for learners.

Farzona Usmanova (HUM 150 with Ms. DelVecchio): For her Women's Studies course, Ms. Usmanova will examine the marriage rites among American women and those in third world countries with an emphasis on Central Asia.

Friday, May 1, 1pm-2pm in Phillips Building, 325 (TLC)

Monica Lee (GEL 230 with Ms. Hoover): Ms. Lee will explore the impact human waste has on the environment, focusing on the devastating effects that plastic has on our natural world.

Watts Mangum (ENG 232 with Dr. Bossing): Mr. Mangum will share with us his passion for the Beat Generation writers and the direct influence their nonconformist ideals had on American society and literature.

Andrew McCrae (HIS 132 with Dr. DePalma): Mr. McCrae's project seeks to investigate the cultural exchange between Germany and America during the period between the two World Wars.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Test-Taking and Test Anxiety Workshop - Wed., April 22

Test-Taking and Test Anxiety Workshop

Does your mind go blank when you are taking an exam?
Do you adequately prepare for exams but find that anxiety reduces your performance?
Do you feel anxiety and/or experience physical symptoms when you take an exam?

If so, you may be experiencing Test Anxiety.
You are invited to attend a free workshop on Test-Taking and Test Anxiety.
Date: Wednesday April 22, 2015
Time: 12:30 P.M. – 1:30 P.M.
Presenter: John Cain, Instructor of Psychology                
Location: TLC - Room 325 on the Bottom Floor of the Phillips Building.
Goals of This Workshop:
  1. To Present a Definition of Test Anxiety.
  2. To Present Common Cognitive, Behavioral, and Physiological Symptoms of Test Anxiety.
  3. To Identify Several Effective Study Strategies
  4. To Identify Several Effective Test-Taking Strategies
  5. To Identity Three Strategies For Coping With Test Anxiety

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Music ensemble performance - April 14, 5:00 p.m.

Durham Tech's Music Ensemble students will offer their spring performance on Tuesday, April 14 from 5:00-6:00PM in the ERC Auditorium.  Their songs will range from musical theater and jazz, to gospel and pop.  They will be accompanied by a trio of professional musicians directed by recording artist Adia Ledbetter.

Refreshments will follow the performance.